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Mouthwatering dishes from Kerala Cuisine

Jul 18 2019, by Admin

Famous Delicious Kerala Dishes That You Must Try

Apart from the lively beaches, serene backwaters, mountains, valleys and forests, Kerala is also famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. Different areas of Kerala have developed their own unique styles, sometimes with immense influence from foreign culture. The style of preparation of each dish in Kerala varies from region to region. The Moplah cuisine of the Malabar region is pretty popular for the unique preparation styles. Blended with aromatic spices like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and ginger and cooked in special utensils, the dishes have conquered hearts through ages. Cassava, which was introduced by the Portuguese, has been uplifted as a delicacy by Kerala people. The vegetarian sadya served during special occasions along with payasam ,a yummy gooey sweet made by cooking rice, wheat or semolina in boiling milk and ghee. Here are a few dishes from Kerala cuisine that would coat your taste buds with pure joy.

Tapioca and fish curry
The cassava was introduced by the Portuguese to Keralites. The soil condition and weather of Kerala was perfect for the growth of Tapioca here and thereby it became a staple food of the locals. The squishy and plain texture of Tapioca goes best with red fish curry. Tapioca cut into chunky cubes are boiled and cooked spices, shallots, garlic and pepper cones. It can also be served plain with just a pinch of salt. The red fish curry is made by cooking sliced up fish pieces in gravy made of chili powder, turmeric, garlic, green chillies and a few brindleberries (Kudampuli). The spicy combo is perfect with a glass of fresh coconut toddy or can be savored as a full meal.

Puttu and kadala curry
The snow white, steamed rice cake cooked with grated coconut goes hand in hand with the spicy chickpeas curry cooked with garlic, shallots and coconut milk. The puttu which can also be made in dried coconut shells for enhanced flavor can also be eaten with boiled ripe bananas. The steamy cylindrical wonder is a darling combination with Kerala non vegetarian curries, especially beef and chicken. From local tea shops to star hotels, the puttu kadala combination has continued to be a favorite breakfast dish.

Sea food
Being the largest fish landing state in peninsular India, seafood is part of a staple diet here. From the serene beaches, blue green backwaters and streams, are caught the most nutritious seafood items like crabs, prawns, fish etc. . It’s a loss to visit Kerala and not try its authentic sea food. From local stalls to luxury hotels, sea food delicacies have never failed to satisfy the guest. Some famous dishes are oil sardines, prawns, mackerel, silver berries, tuna, rays, crabs, shark etc., prepared as shallow fries, deep roasts, or as spicy and tangy curries. There is an exquisite dish where mussels are cooked with coated rice flour. Known as arikadukka, the dish is a must try on your visit to Kerala. Other dishes like karimeen mappas and fish moilee are also finger licking good.

Pidiyum Kozhiyum
This epic combination of kerala style rice dumplings with creamy chicken curry is a must try, especially if you are a fan of spicy food. The traditional Christian delicacy is only prepared here on special occasions as the process of making is highly tedious. Rice flour, mixed with shallots, curry leaves and cumin seeds are rolled out into small balls and boiled. The squishy texture of the pidi is amazing with coconut chicken curry.

Kuttanadan Duck roast
Kuttanad in Allappey is famous for its peaceful backwaters, houseboat rides and the amazing sea food dishes. One of the most preferred dishes over there is the Kuutanadan duck roast. Duck pieces are dry roasted and marinated with spicy masala and then cooked with shallots, ginger and coconut milk. The black pepper is the secret ingredient here which gives the strong aromatic flavor to this dish

Malabar fish curry
Though fish curry is a common dish, it is prepared in different styles in different parts of the country. The Malabar fish curry is such a unique preparation with tamarind or mangoes which gives the tangy taste. Sliced fish pieces are cooked in a clay pot (also known as a manchatty) and cooked with chilly powder, ginger and curry leaves. The curry garnished with splattered mustard seeds is perfect with a plate if rice or tapioca.

Kerala Mutton roast
Who doesn’t love mutton? It is pure bliss to chew on to the soft savory meat. Kerala has a unique preparation style for mutton roast. Mutton slices which is cooked with onions and sautéd coconut slices are deep roasted in a cheenachatty until it turns dark brown. This aromatic dish is a favorite food in Kerala toddy shops.

Appam with stew
This soft and crispy delicacy is made with coconut milk and fermented rice flour, coconut water and sugar. These ingredients after being combined into a smooth mixture are toasted like crepes in special utensils customized to make appam. This white fluffy pancake of perfection tastes best when served with spicy stew. The Kerala stew is a derivative of the European stew which is relatively less spicy. With chunks of vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beans and peas cooked in coconut milk and spices, the milky textured spicy side dish is a favorite among many. It is also nice to add chunky pieces of chicken or mutton into the stew.

Malabar Paratha with beef curry
The Paratha is a legendary favorite food of the malayalees. Though there are different types of Paratha like kothu Paratha, chilly Paratha etc , the Malabar Paratha from Kerala has the most number of fans. The flaky flatbread that originated in the Malabar area is made by kneading maida flour with hot water, oil and ghee. The finely beaten dough is then flattened with a unique method, cut out, rolled and flattened again. The paratha tastes best with a beef curry cooked with onions, tomatoes, and enough spices. The Paratha can also been eaten with spicy vegetable curries and other non-veg items.

Karimeen pollichath
This south Indian steamed fish dish is usually prepared by marinating pearlspot fish with chilli powder, turmeric, lemon and salt for half an hour. A spicy masala is made by sautéing onions, tomatoes and chilies and coating them outside the fish. The coated fish is then wrapped with banana leaf and cooked with a bit of thick coconut milk. This excellent dish has stolen the hearts of many ands is undoubtedly the queen of Kerala Cuisine. A huge number of tourists rush to have this dish on their trip to Kerala.

Kerala prawn curry
Sea food is pretty famous in Kerala. The signature dish is made by blending into fenugreek, black mustard and funnel seeds. After adding enough spices to the curry, A few pieces of soaked brindleberries (Kudampulli) are added to give the sour taste. The curry gets its tangy and spicy flavor from the drumsticks and mangoes blended along.

Thalasseri biriyani
Thalasseri is a junction of cultures like European, Malabar and Arab as it was a common port of export once upon a time. The mix of cultures slowly began influencing the cooking style here as well. A unique thin variety of rice called kaima is used for the preparation of the biriyani. The masala and the rice and half cooked separate. These are layered into a giant vessel and sealed with charcoal on top of the lid to ensure it’s airtight. The aroma of the biriyani when the seal is cracked is enough to overpower your taste buds.

Fish Moilee
This typical Syrian Christian delicacy is a special fish stew made by shallow frying fish and cooking it with coconut milk, spices, and chilies in a closed earthly pot. . The fish (Usually seerfish or kingfish) before frying is marinated with red chili powder, turmeric and salt for about half an hour. This stew tastes amazing with appam, rice or Paratha. Fish moilee tops one of the most demanded dishes in the Kerala cuisine.

Banana fritters
These simple yet delicious snacks have turned out to be signature snack of Kerala. Ripened Bananas are coated with a sweet batter made with rice/wheat flour and sugar. These are then fried in oil to make the crispy and squishy banana fritters. Though these are popular evening snacks served with tea/ coffee, some people have bravely took the fritters to the next level by having it with beef roast. Kerala with its unique dishes and cooking style is definitely a foodie’s heaven. For the best experience, make sure to try all these from good restaurants. Also remember to get some snacks and savories on your trip back from Kerala. Bon appetite!

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Mouthwatering dishes from Kerala Cuisine

Apart from the lively beaches, serene backwaters, mountains, valleys and forests, Kerala is also famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. Different areas of Kerala have developed their own unique styles, sometimes with immense influence from foreign culture.

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